Do you decorate a room in a classical style and select proper flooring? Do you want to make you modern interior more warm and cosy? Take your choice of parquet flooring!

Such covering looks elegant and an affordable cost for parquet block will allow it to be laid not only in the events hall but at home as well.

Parquet flooring is a choice of those who really appreciate the natural beauty and nature’s gifts.

Parquet flooring can be bought in any shop but only we can offer you such combination of cost and grade. Compliance with standards, fail-safety and an amazing stylish execution define the main point of this product.

The price can vary depending on the material of parquet flooring. Due to high wear resistance, it can be used in domestic, office and commercial rooms. The price depends on the material the floor is made from.
Having chosen the natural covering, you can buy parquet flooring and assess its advantages particularly for service life measured in decades.

Parquet flooring can be sanded and refinished several times. As far as scuffing happens, top layer is removed and lacquered again, and as a result it has its initial shape.
In our catalog of floor coverings you can choose the best option matching to the functionality of the room and your personal preferences.

Parquet block is the most popular type of floor covering laid down from small blocks. The material for its production is mainly solid wood species like oak and walnut.
The advantages over other types are lasting quality, the variety of decorative patterns, effortless frequent repairs.

Parquet block is classified by sawing cut pattern which is top layer: natur, classic, select.

Depending on the grade of wooden parquet flooring the consumer with any available financing can afford parquet flooring because the grade of parquet pattern and its colour influence on the quality and cost of the product.

As for parquet flooring patterns it can be laid forming blocks, herringbone, chevron, brick etc.

Next type is a massive floorboard presenting a one piece of solid wood with dimensions more than ones of parquet block elements. Oak, bamboo, walnut, Burman or Indonesian teak and other wood species are used as high-quality and environmentally-green timber.

The choice of range of colours varies from bright mostly white tones to rich dark and the way of sawing cut adds its unique peculiarity to each type of parquet flooring.

Engineered flooring is a floor covering with composition and structure similar to floor coverings from natural wood. On this account the engineered wood flooring with much lower cost can be a pleasant alternative to expensive natural parquet flooring because it is equal in technical features, exterior, easy in maintenance and сare.

One more popular type is a parquet board which is similar in dimensions and exterior to solid wood and equal in quality features.

Outstanding features are in the structure of the plank composed of several layers of timber and lacquered. The cost of such parquet is much lower. Block parquet or modular is a square or other geometric designs in its base.

Variety of forms and colour shades allow matching floor covering for any style of interior. Besides you have opportunity to make any pattern to order.