Parquet (Wooden Floor)

Parquet board – one of the most popular flooring materials, existing for many millennia. Due to its excellent consumer characteristics, the wood does not lose and will not lose ground as a floor covering. Parquet board of different types can create absolutely different visual effects.

What tone of the interior do you want to set with parquet?

Depending on the number of lamella slats in the upper layer, parquet boards can be one-, two-, three- and four-lane, which allows one and the same kind of tree to look completely different.
Different striping creates in the interior its geometry. Using the figure, you can visually increase the length of the room or set the rhythm.

When choosing the banding of a parquet board it is necessary to understand what accents in the interior you want to arrange.

A wide single-striped parquet board is the most “massive”, homogeneous-looking coating. It is used to achieve in the interior a sense of solidity and uniformity. Light shades of such a parquet board visually “pull” the room. They are often used, for example, for finishing spacious halls, to favorably emphasize the spaciousness and openness of the premises. A bright wide single-striped parquet board is successfully used in the interior, which is striving to give a concise and at the same time refined appearance. Alternating a narrow and wide single-lane board (laying “French deck”) creates an original pattern, capable of becoming a self-sufficient “epicenter” of the interior. And if you play with shades of wood, you can achieve a stunning visual result.

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