Marble products are made from stone blocks up to several cubic meters in size, which are cut to plates with a thickness of 2-3 cm. One side of the plate is polished, polished and chemically processed – the so-called “slab” (slab, literally – plate, plate) Commercial product-semi-finished product for stone workshops, which make orders for each specific customer.

Types of marble

According to the decorative qualities of marble is divided into white, gray and colored.

White marbles are marbles with a complete absence of impurities. These are homogeneous minerals with a fine- to medium-grained structure. They are very plastic, easy to handle, look great in interiors, but they are not used for facing facades and other external works.

White marble withstands temperature and humidity changes, is relatively resistant to mechanical damage, but under the influence of atmospheric phenomena it is easily covered with spots and turns yellow.

Gray marbles – marbles, which differ in “layered” colors, can be easily processed, well polished.

They are less exposed to the environment, and therefore used for both external and internal lining.

Colored marble – marble from yellow and pink to green and black. In colored marble, there are usually many veins (the so-called “stone veins”). In fact, streaks are cracks,
Filled with natural impurities – iron oxides, silicates, graphite. The most rare and valuable are the blue-blue varieties.

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