Furniture from “A” to “Z”

Furniture for commercial projects

Furniture for commercial projects. We supply furniture that meets the needs of time and space and at the same time, it is very simple and helpful in everyday use. The furniture is produced under the quality control and complies with the International Environmental Standards.

Our company’s possibilities enable to compete in state tenders and private commercial projects.

Therefore, our high-priority task at the UAE market is a complete furnituring from А to Z of such projects as offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, airports, terminals, hospitals, banks, schools, police departments, universities, colleges, libraries, laboratories etc.

Luxury furniture residential_ projects

Here you can buy the luxury furniture ranging from Classic and Avant Garde of exceptional quality and the price range. The exclusive collections of pieces of furniture are made of precious wood.

Unique soft furnishing materials and accessories of the highest quality are used. Our factories manufacture furniture in Italian design from natural solid beech using unusual techniques: inclusion silver, forged elements, gilding, enameling, bronzing, use of mechanical colouring in vanguard furniture.

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