Decorative Paint

Paints – this is probably the most ancient invention of man in the field of housing. Modern decorative colors have a number of undeniable advantages and are increasingly replacing the usual wallpaper, decorating the walls of children’s rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. Wallpaper in a flower or stripes – it’s not fashionable, say many homeowners,
Choosing decorative varnishes as the ideal option for decorating walls. It is the use of decorative paint in the interior is devoted to this article. The main difference between decorative paint and ordinary is the aesthetic component, which allows to achieve a surprisingly beautiful decorative effect.

Decorative paints can give the walls not only color, but also texture. The walls can look like silk, stone, velvety surface, pearly, gold or silver luster. Particularly interesting are the chameleon colors, which acquire a different shade depending on the angle, under which light falls on the walls.

The difference of these colors from the others is that they change color depending on the light, the angle of view and the color of the substrate. The paint has a transparent structure, thanks to the natural nacre entering it.

But the wallpaper also helps create an original interior with an expressive design, so why take the risk, сhoosing as yet unfamiliar finishing material? In fact, decorative paints have a lot of advantages that make them more popular.

Advantages of decorative paints:

  • The average service life of decorative paint is 10 years (without repainting), whereas wallpaper usually lasts no more than five years. In addition, shabby and faded wallpaper will have to be ripped to paste the others, whereas a new layer of paint can be applied just over the old one. This will greatly speed up the carrying out of cosmetic repairs.
  • Decorative paints, unlike paper wallpapers, do not burn out in the sun, they are not afraid of sharp claws of pets, blows, mold and abrasion.
  • Decorative paint is easy to clean, and leaving stains on such a surface is much more difficult than on conventional paper wallpaper, which is traditionally the fastest polluting around switches and on protruding corners.
  • The choice of shades and design effects that allow you to create decorative colors is so great that it will satisfy even the most demanding professional designer.
  • Decorative coating will be an excellent option for a children’s room, as they are completely harmless to health. Ecologically clean coating does not cause allergies and does not contain harmful carcinogens.
  • Decorative paints are universal and can be used for decorating and kitchen in country style, and a respectable classical living room, and bright cheerful children’s. And their moisture resistance allows them to be used during façade works and on the walls of the bathroom.
  • Antistatic coating will not collect dust.
  • The surface, painted with decorative paint, has no joints, allowing to create a single harmonious picture.
  • Decorative paint on the wall looks rich and natural, turning an ordinary apartment into a cozy and beautiful home.

The only drawback of decorative paint is the need for thorough preparation of the walls for painting. However, this coating can be applied to the finishing putty, and to cement, wood panels, plasterboard, plywood, metal, chipboard and even glass. Paint, unlike plaster, unevenness and obvious defects of walls can not hide, and on the contrary, emphasizes them. Therefore, the surface must be clean and smooth. And if you want to get the desired effect from decorative paint, it’s best to contact an experienced craftsman. The application of decorative coating requires special skills, using all sorts of tools and handy tools, such as rollers with varying lengths of pile, spatula and sponge, you can get, when decorating the walls, all kinds of textures and shades that will please you for many years.

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