Contract wallcoverings for hospitality. Assortment of contract wallcoverings for hospitality industry includes a huge diversity of designs from classic to ultramodern of different textures and colour compositions. Besides of the aesthetic appeal and possibility to reflect the nature of a room with design requirements, wallcoverings meet all federal US specifications for CCC-W408-A & B, Type I and Type II, Flame spread rating is Class A.

In particular, the main features are the material fire resistance of fire safety Class A, high tear resistance, wear resistance, resistance to cleaning with water, soap and different cleansers, soiling resistance.

Vinyl wall coverings USV on a fabric substrate are perfect in the rooms with high humidity, and solid vinyl surface provides high durability and frequent cleaning.

The density of vinyl layer from 15 to 21 OZ is one of the important features of commercial wall coverings. Colouring of such wallpapers is through the full depth of the vinyl layer that makes light damages invisible.

Extended width (52-54 inch) and length of the wallcovering roll (50 yards) are especially usable for builders. Wider width permits reducing the number of joints and speed up installation. Longer length allows reducing the amount of wallcovering waste.

The producer US VINIL company follows the Green Business Standarts. Wall coverings USV are eco-friendly and earn points for certification of construction projects according to the international environmental standards LEED.